British De Lisle Carbine bolt-action rifle 45 ACP - £3400

De Lisle Carbine, also known as the De Lisle Commando Carbine, is a rifle with an integrated suppressor used as a specialist firearm during World War II. Initially, it was designed to be used by the SOE and special operation units. The rifle is an integrally suppressed, bolt-action, magazine-fed carbine firing the .45 ACP round.

This version was reproduced to the same specifications as the original De lisle 

It’s one of the quietest firearms out there, with the suppressor being in the approx 80-decibel range, very quiet, almost Hollywood quiet. The .45 ACP is also inherently subsonic, eliminating the sonic boom and reducing another source of noise in a firearm. Its integrated suppressor, combined with subsonic ammunition, makes it possible one of the quietest firearms ever made. The manual action of the firearm can be easily just as loud as the shot or even louder.The downside is that the De Lisle Commando has an effective range of 185 meters, so that’s pretty close, so the user had to overcome the fear factor of getting close to his target, and getting close does raise the chance of detection.