Israeli K98 in 7.62 - £600 - SOLD

This example is one of the original rifles supplied to the new Jewish state of Israel citrca 1948, an original German issued K98 manufactured by Waffenfabric BrunnConverted to 7.62 in January 1956, and  restocked in an Israeli manufactured stock, which has the brass reinforcing pins specific to this model.
The butt plate is also Israeli manufactured & marked. A large “7.62” stamped on top of the receiver top and equally large “7.62” branded into the butt of the stock. Rework and acceptance/proof marks consisted of a Star of David and the Hebrew trade letter in a circle, usually on the left side of the receiver.

In addition, the reworked rifles were fitted with a front sight hood (This one is missing), peculiar to Israel, with two holes and a rivet to secure it in place. 

Very Good Condition - Excellent Bore