Section 5 Firearms 

We are a Home Office approved section 5 dealer and can provide all types of firearms from machine guns to classic pistols. we can supply firearms under the 7.1 and 7.3 category's as well as firearms conforming to the humane dispatch specification. 

All enquirers must be in the form of a e-mail with a copy of your entitlement to purchase and hold these types of firearms. We can also provide firearms for hire for the theatrical and film  performances as well as expert on site support. 

We also offer transportation and delivery of section 5 firearms within the UK. Please contact areus for a quote 

Clock 17 Gen 2 

This has had very little use and comes with one magazine. 

Can be restricted to 2 shot on request 


1911 45ACP Semi Auto 

full competition spec 1911 finished by Wilson combat, all mods done including pinned palm safety and comp barrel


Excellent example


Can be restricted to 2 shot on request  


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RFD Dorset 55/2901

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