Real Avid Gun Boss Cleaning kit

Real Avid Gun Boss Cleaning kit

Compact and portable rifle cleaning Kit: the pocket sized, sturdy, ballistic nylon case is weatherproof, has a parts organizer tray, and is the best way to transport your cleaning accessories to the field, range, or bench
22 - 30 calibre rifle cleaning supplies: .22/.223/556, .243/.260/6.5mm, .270/.280/7mm, .30/.308/7.62mm phosphor bronze brushes and nylon jags Plus 50 patches, and a nylon slotted tip
Gun Cleaning rod: a 7 section, coated cleaning rod with swivel tip connects to a T-handle and reaches 33 inches. It will connect to any 8-32 brush, Jag, handle, or slotted tips- no adapters required

Mesh storage for additional small Gear: add oil, solvent, CLP, extra swabs, or even a small multi tool to make this the ultimate way to clean your chamber, bolt, barrel, bore or any other part of your long guns
Confidently clean all of your rifles: 

this kit has the tools you need to clean your 30/30, 30-06, .300, or 308 hunting rifle and your tactical or target shooting 223, 5.56, 7.62, or 22LR simply put, any .22 to 30 call rifle

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